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Student Membership

A Student Member is a person who is enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral program in Human Ecology, Home Economics, Nutrition and Food Science, or Education (majoring in the above or related topics) at a Canadian University.

Click here for a list of applicable degree programs.*

Why become a Student Member?

  • Stay informed with weekly Ememos sent to your inbox
  • Access job listings and resources 
  • Register for AHEA exclusive webinars and online talks, hosted by our Director of Professional Development
  • Invitations to social events throughout the year (social mixers, tabletop gaming, fashion shows, Christmas tree decorating and more!)
  • Volunteer for initiatives led by our Social Action Director
  • Special student rates for the annual AHEA conference
  • Submit and be featured in the quarterly Fusion newsletter

What happens once I graduate?

Once you graduate, you can transition to the next level of Membership, based on your individual qualifications and practice experience.

The Registrar will keep in touch for membership renewals and is available to assist you. 

Please keep in mind that to earn the use of the professional title and abbreviation PHEc, most student members become Candidate Members once they graduate, to eventually work towards earning the title Professional Human Ecologist or Professional Home Economist. Click here to learn more about Membership Categories.

How do I become a Student Member?

Click here  to use AHEA's online application portal. 

*The list may not include your program; don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions. Note that graduates of Diploma programs from Colleges and Technical Schools are eligible to become a Related member. E-mail the Registrar for more information!

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