The Alberta Home Economics Association was formed in 1935, with a charter membership roll signed by 85 members. In the early years, there were separate provincial and local associations. By the mid-80's, they had joined together in a new structure in which the local associations became branches of AHEA.

In 1989, AHEA was registered under the Professional and Occupational Associations Registration Act and given the responsibility of regulating the members. The Home Economist Regulation protected the rights to title and restricted the use of the title Professional Home Economist, and its abbreviation PHEc, to members of the association who qualify to use it.

In 1990, provincial organizations became federated with the Canadian Home Economics Association. However, due to a substantial decline in membership and reduced financial sustainability, the Canadian Home Economics Association voted to dissolve in 2003.

In 2002, the Home Economist Regulation was amended to the Human Ecologist and Home Economist Regulation. In addition to other changes the new legislation added the exclusive use of the titles Professional Human Ecologist and Professional Home Economist as well as the abbreviation, PHEc for both. The association changed its name to the Alberta Human Ecology and Home Economics Association (AHEA) to reflect the new Regulation.

AHEA's objectives in becoming registered were to protect the public by defining standards of education, experience, performance and conduct, and to make available to the public a means of redress and discipline for unskilled practice and professional misconduct of registered members.

In 2001, AHEA provided leadership in negotiating a Mutual Recognition (MRA) for Labour Mobility of Professional Home Economists and Human Ecologists across Canada. The MRA was signed by all provinces and took effect in February 2003.

In past years, AHEA hosted national conferences at various times, and at one time Dr. Doris Badir, who was a distinguished AHEA member, served a four-year term as president of the International Federation for Home Economics.

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